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Start Your Little One's Development from Day 1

Early child development during the first 3 years is one of the most rapid and important stages of development. Early experiences – whether positive or negative – have a profound impact on the developing brain. The neural connections that are created and strengthened at this time have a huge impact on your baby’s brain development. The highest sensitivity to learning new skills occurs during the first four years of life, when over a million new neural connections are formed every second.


Activity Design

Our activities are research and evidence based and tailored for your little one's developmental needs.

For newborn and babies under 3 months, their developments are very rapid. This is why our activities are planned out on weekly bases.

Our activities focus on five developmental areas -gross motor, fine motor, communication, social-personal and problem solving.

Each activity is designed to target one or more of above developmental areas.


Weekly Planning


Take advantage of GIRAFFE's weekly rolling and supply functions.

As a busy parent, planning ahead is one of the most successfully strategies to have a fun and productive day. Our weekly rolling function at home page allows you to browse next week's activities, so you can get head start, order in supplies and equipment beforehand and be ready before next week.


Multi-Media Content

Our activity aims to allow you to grab the essence and key element of playing within 1 min

GIRAFFE is designed by busy working parents and brought to busy parents and carers.